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Accerlerating Health Equity: Diabetes Advocacy

Covers health disparities related to diabetes: current data; overview of Diabetes Disparities Action Councils; Screen at 23 initiative for Asian Americans; Association type 2 programs; addressing health disparities at the state level—2015 victories and 2016 initiatives; addressing health disparities from a program and awareness perspective; and what to do as a volunteer or staff advocate in your local community.

Asthma Treatment Education Materials

  • Asthma Treatment Education Materials
  • Past slide decks from Presentations
  • Clinical Treatment Guidelines
  • Patient Engagement Material

Treating Diabetes Emergencies

This 20-minute video, produced by the Philadelphia Police Department and the American Diabetes Association helps officers identify potential diabetes emergencies and respond quickly and effectively. It may be watched in its entirety on YouTube or ordered, free of charge except for shipping, at