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PPS VBP Workshop 11.2017

VBP Workshop: This session is intended for Primary Care Providers, Behavioral Health, and Community Based Organization partners to help close the gaps that exist in moving toward Value Based Payment arrangements. Attendees should include financial and clinical decision-makers who need to better understand the New York State VBP Roadmap and how it affects their organization.

Team 1 CBO: Jill Markowitz MPH, Markowitz Consulting

Team 2 Behavioral Health: Cindy Freidmutter JD, CLF Consulting

Team 3 Primary Care Provider: Holly Hartstone JD, Markowitz Consulting

WMCHealth PPS Edward McGill, Vice President, Finance and Administration & Joseph J. Liberatore, CPA MBA, Senior Director of Finance & Strategy

Primary Care SDOH and VBP intersectionality

Customized deck on Primary Care Providers and the role of SDOH and VBP intersectionality

SDOH and VBP? How does it align?

Social Determinate of Health (SDOH) and how does it align with our work and VBP Transformation. Plus what tools you can use for patient engagement, patient care coordination and begin to collect data that may enhance your value proposition. 

Valued Based Payments for Providers

Published on Aug 18, 2016

This video highlights how Value Based Payment (VBP) will reshape our health care system and the important role providers play within VBP. More information on VBP, go to